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We have no idea what the show runners or writers have in store for them.

I was a bit disappointed. Still, it had a bit of Kill Bill to it:. Lorraine kelly naked photos. Little fuck gunna scheme on him now. I guess having a good singing voice and being handsome pays off or I should just be thankful Tyene wasn't a sadist.

Showing her tits worked as a redemption? They got punked pretty hard. Half naked sand snakes. That scene was poorly written and edited, and should not be reflected on the actresses themselves. His head got popped like a grape. Do we know when we will see Doran again?

Jul 23, 3. EDIT I always do this, post something and then add afterthoughts: She fought him because he was between her and her goal, not because she hated him personally or felt some particular need to kill him.

Is this the greatest double take in TV history? Well it actually shows the Sand Snakes aren't those mindless teenagers we thought they were until now. I thought the actresses were fine based on what I saw — had no problem with the accents. Sexy nude party girls. Jul 24, 8. In contrast that felt painfully slow and over done.

Or perhaps she will employ a new favorite, who is sure to be Euron, for her torture instructions. The remaining ones will be longer. View all TV Sites. I like the fact that on Game of Thrones the Iron Throne is usually empty. House Baratheon of King's Landing. A man of the people, looking to bring the Great Families down to size. Last edited by DunesVladHarkonnenJul 25, Their plan was to kidnap her, torture her and send pieces of her to Cercei. Prince Doran prevents war in exchange for a place for Trystane on the small council of the king, but Ellaria is pissed no one is avenging Oberyn and Elia.

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The writers may have weighed this into this decision to combine the characters, wanting to actually show Ellaria having a mother-daughter relationship on-screen. Anybody else wondering what the point of that whole little poison story was?

Man, you are really stretching it here. Jennifer lopez naked fuck. But it's just because he happened to be there and get in her way. Comments contain many book spoilers. Showing her tits worked as a redemption? I think she handled the situation quite firmly. The scenes came across extremely bland and almost comical. King's Landing is a pit of snakes. My head is still spinning. Al SwearengenKeisha failed on so many levels. Half naked sand snakes. Lonely housewife milf. Which sounds more likely to you? That accent was awful! Do you like this video?

The only scene that didn't feel rushed was the sex scene. Sue the FuryI love the casting. Viserys Targaryen Alyn Velaryon. Doran gives orders to imprison Tyene and the other Sand Snakes, to make certain they will not ignite a war. She waits for him at the Old Palace in Sunspear. It would have been so bad if Bronn died there, not because everyone like him, but just because it would just have been Look at this pointless contentless comment that adds nothing to the discussion but is upvoted 26x as much as the one above it.

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Without ever making him a remotely likable person—credit Stephen Dillane for finding a million variations on the Mopey Face—the show has humanized him.

Remember Oberyn yelling while fighting the Mountain? Pretty much setting up the righteous 'you murdered a child' Jon line for Dany to 'see his character' once he gets there. A lot of the problems that led to the War of the Five Kings were directly caused by her poor decision making or ineffectual leadership.

I guess the entire Dorne story this season will be the first 2 Arianne chapters… boring.

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